Old Time Tennessee Hog Killing


Old Time Tennessee Hog Killing‭ ‬

In the fall of the year the neighbors would get together for a big hog killing.‭ ‬The time was right when the weather turned cool enough to safely butcher that years fat hogs.‭
‬It was a community event,‭ ‬folks came from all around for a day of good county visiting and hard work.

The men would kill the hogs and scald the hair off in a vat of boiling water,‭ ‬heated with firewood.‭ ‬Then butcher each hog getting them ready for the women to cut up for packaging and make sausage to taste,‭ ‬using their secret seasonings.‭ ‬It was then time for cooking off the lard (rendering), city folks might call it shortening.‭

Old stories were told by the elders and tales of that years farming season of whom grew the best corn might be the talk of the day.‭ ‬The younger men and boys helped as well, learning the trade they would use to feed their family when that time arrived in their life.‭ ‬Marrying and raising a family and living off the land.‭ ‬Passed down for years,‭ ‬hog killing was just the way of farm living.‭ ‬The way to feed your family all year long.‭ ‬Next week it was off to your neighbors farm to do it all over again. Tennessee style hog killing, ham don’t grow in a can.

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Old Time Tennessee Short Stories  : Author -‭ Robert Reynolds of Dresden, TN

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2 thoughts on “Old Time Tennessee Hog Killing

  1. After the kill, dressing if the hog, ready for cut up, the sausage was made, sacked to smoke, or fried and canned, tenderloin was also cooked and canned, ribs and backbones were devided between the families who helped as was the hearts, lungs kidneys. The head, feet, some of the organs were cooked, seasoned and formed into loaves of (head chease) Souse meat..this was before SPAM…The lard was cooked off, crackles were saved for snacks or cornbread… the fat from the intestines was cooked off separate to make the whitest lard and is was mild tasting used it for cakes and pie dough. Good meat all year..sholders, hams, bacon was salted down for a time, than washed off, hung and smoked for a time…was cured and needed no refrigration.

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